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Embracing the Future: Top Fintech Companies Hiring Remotely

Published August 2, 2023
The traditionally conservative banking world has long resisted the trend of remote work. With their strict security controls and rigorous regulatory oversight, fintech companies, especially those with banking licenses, have historically favored on-site work arrangements.
But today, as remote work technology advances and work culture shifts, the landscape is starting to change. Increasingly, fintech companies are moving toward remote-first or hybrid work structures. This article highlights some leading fintech companies that are trailblazing this new normal and are hiring now for remote roles.

The Necessity of Remote Hiring in Fintech

The fintech sector is more competitive than ever. Innovation is rapid, and companies are in a constant race to attract top talent to maintain their edge. In this context, remote hiring has emerged as an increasingly important driver of growth and innovation. Remote work allows fintech companies to tap into a global talent pool, unbounded by geographical limitations. This approach broadens their access to skilled professionals, potentially bringing in diverse perspectives that can fuel further innovation.
Moreover, remote work offers numerous other benefits:
Cost-effectiveness: Remote work can significantly lower overhead costs tied to maintaining physical offices, making it an attractive choice for companies. Conversely, remote roles can offer potential savings for employees, eliminating commuting costs and the daily expenses of working from an office.
Increased productivity and job satisfaction: Studies show that remote employees often boast higher productivity levels and job satisfaction rates. This translates to improved employee retention, a key consideration for recruiters and job applicants alike.
Flexibility and scalability: Remote work offers greater flexibility and scalability. Fintech firms can efficiently manage their staffing needs based on business needs and market demands, making it an enticing option for agile talent managers and job seekers interested in flexible work arrangements.

Fintech companies hiring remotely in various locations


Established in 2015, Revolut has quickly become one of the biggest players in the fintech space. With its innovative app, Revolut provides a digital banking alternative for customers, offering services from currency exchange to cryptocurrency trading. While the company started with a traditional work model, the global pandemic forced them to reassess their strategy. The result was a transition to a hybrid model, offering both remote and office-based roles. Today, you can explore numerous [remote work opportunities at Revolut in various locations around the world.

Monzo Bank

Launched in 2015, Monzo Bank is a digital, mobile-only bank that caters to the modern customer who demands service at their fingertips. With its quick setup, budgeting tools, and instant spending notifications, Monzo has created a banking experience that's truly built for the smartphone age. Monzo has been ahead of the curve, supporting remote work for its employees since its inception. Check out the latest remote opportunities at Monzo on our jobs site. Monzo is a UK-specific bank and hires remotely in the United Kingdom.


Cleo, founded in 2016, is an AI-driven app that assists users in managing their personal finances. Through its interactive chat interface, Cleo provides insights into spending habits, helps set budget goals, and even offers money-saving tips. Recognizing the shift in work culture, Cleo has incorporated a remote-first approach since 2020. Find out more about the latest remote jobs at Cleo.


Paddle, founded in 2012, is a revenue delivery platform for B2B SaaS companies. It consolidates payments, subscription, and billing management into one platform, making it easier for companies to scale internationally. Paddle transitioned to a permanent remote-first approach in 2020, empowering their employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere. Discover some the latest remote roles at Paddle.


Established in 2017, Ledgy is an equity management platform that helps companies manage their employee participation plans and shareholder relations. It is particularly beneficial for startups and high-growth companies looking to track and manage their equity. Ledgy operates on a hybrid model, blending remote work with office-based collaboration. Check out remote work opportunities at Ledgy on our jobs site.
The shift to remote working in fintech companies reflects a larger trend in business. With the right balance of security and flexibility, these companies show that even in the most unlikely sectors, remote work can flourish. This transition has the potential to redefine the future of work, allowing companies to tap into a global talent pool, and giving employees the opportunity to work where they thrive the most. It's a brave new world in fintech, and it's exciting to see where it takes us next..

Fintech Companies Hiring Remotely

This shift to remote working in fintech companies isn't just a trend; it's an evolution of the future of work. These leading fintech companies are demonstrating that with the right balance of process management and flexibility, remote work can flourish even in industries where it was once thought impossible. For job seekers, this opens up a host of exciting opportunities. For recruiters and talent managers, this represents a chance to tap into a global talent pool. It's a new dawn in fintech, and we can't wait to see where it takes us next. If you're looking for remote roles in fintech check the latest remote jobs at World Wide Teams. If you are looking to publish your own remote vacancies you can do so in a few seconds here.