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The most long-standing, remote-first companies still hiring remotely across the world

Published August 11, 2023
It's worth noting the trailblazers who embraced the remote-first ideology long before global circumstances made it mainstream. We continue from our previous exploration into 10 lesser-known remote-first champions. Now, we delve deeper into some of the long-standing remote-first advocates, some of whom were setting trends even before the pandemic changed our understanding of what it means to work remotely.


At the intersection of technology and decentralised work culture stands Tyk.io, a well-respected open-source API Gateway and Management Platform. Recognized not just for their software solutions, Tyk.io has consistently championed the belief that innovation thrives when unshackled from geographical constraints.
Tyk.io's hiring ethos has always revolved around sourcing talent from every corner of the globe. It's a testament to their belief that diversity isn't just about varied backgrounds, but also about the myriad perspectives and ideas that come with them. Their employees hail from various continents, embodying the company's global spirit.
Those fortunate enough to be part of the Tyk.io family often speak highly of its culture. The consistent mentions of transparent communication and the level of autonomy during remote collaboration make it evident that the company doesn’t just practice remote work; it excels at it.
At the heart of Tyk's ways of working is the concept of "Radical Responsibility" by which according to Tyk's blog people are
"trusted to undertake work in their area of expertise; trusted to share that expertise with their colleagues; and trusted to work where and when they wish"
Tyk doesn't just hire software engineers remotely. Their account management, sales and marketing team are all located globally, catering to Tyk's global clientelle across all timezones. Find out more about some of Tyk's remote vacancies here.


Open-source ethos and unparalleled commitment to transparency are the pillars of GitLab. Beyond their popular platform, their All-Remote workforce stands as a testament to their forward-thinking approach, showcasing how companies can thrive without a physical office.
GitLab's hiring strategies paint a clear picture: geographical boundaries shouldn't constrain brilliance. Their global talent pool has been meticulously sourced, ensuring that every hire, irrespective of their location, aligns with GitLab’s dedication to excellence.
Dive into any employee review platform, and praises for GitLab's structured communication and clear role demarcations stand out. Remote workers often laud the company for its exceptional balance of autonomy and guidance, which makes them feel connected even miles apart.
GitLab's all-remote workforce has also been heavily studied and replicated across the world with major academic instutions like Harvard and INSEAD using the company's remote-first organisational design as a case study.


Marrying social media management with a refreshingly transparent work culture, Buffer stands out in a crowd. Their offerings are a reflection of their ethos – innovative, forward-thinking, and grounded in trust. Buffer has been hiring remotely for more than a decade before fully embracing an all-remote-workforce.
Their open salary formula is just one of the unique practices that Buffer has adopted. Their recruitment drive spans the globe, searching for individuals who resonate with their values and can add to their ever-growing tapestry of diverse talents.
Ask anyone at Buffer, and they'll sing praises of the company's commitment to proactive communication. The regular team interactions, even if virtual, imbue a sense of camaraderie and alignment, ensuring that the 'remote' in remote-work feels anything but distant. If you are looking for the same vibe, check the latest remote vacancies at Buffer here.

Grafana Labs

Grafana Labs, known for their open-source platform Grafana, stands as a beacon of innovation in monitoring and observability. They’ve woven the remote-first ethos into their operations, allowing them to tap into global talent.
Grafana Labs' hiring dynamics break the geographical mold, aiming to amalgamate the best of skills from across the globe. Their dedication to excellence is palpable, with team members spanning continents.
Employees at Grafana Labs cherish the flexibility, transparency, and inclusive culture. It's a workspace where boundaries blur and collaboration flows seamlessly, empowered by the company’s robust remote culture.


Hotjar has transformed how companies understand user behavior on websites. Their toolset and their work culture both represent a break from tradition.
The company's global hiring approach reflects its vision - diversity in thought, culture, and expertise. Their talent search is expansive, and it ensures a rich blend of perspectives.
Those on the Hotjar team often speak of a nurturing work environment, fostering innovation, growth, and mutual respect, irrespective of where they log in from. You can find the latest vacancies at Hotjar here


Toggl’s time tracking tools have become synonymous with productivity. Their remote-first work culture resonates with their product's philosophy - efficiency and flexibility.
Their hiring strategies are expansive, reaching out to candidates from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Toggl firmly believes that the best talent isn’t bound by time zones or national boundaries and has proven it by being one of the earliest adopters of remote hiring.
Employees often celebrate the company's trust-based work environment and the tools provided, making remote collaboration a breeze. Find Toggl's remote vacancies here

Text Blaze

Text Blaze, with its smart text expansion tools, epitomizes efficiency. Their remote-first culture dovetails perfectly with their product's essence, emphasizing productivity and adaptability.
Their global hiring practices ensure a confluence of varied perspectives, ideas, and expertise, making them a melting pot of innovation. Checkout their most recent job remote vacancies
Each of the companies above, has set benchmarks not only in terms of products and services but also in shaping the future of work.