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RevOps Jobs: Responsibilities and the skills and tools you need to succeed

Published August 17, 2023
Curious about RevOps? If you've been on the lookout for something exciting in the job market, a RevOps job might just be your calling!

What is RevOps anyway?

At its core, RevOps is about bringing sales, marketing, and product teams together. It’s all about ensuring they're playing nice and producing results. If you enjoy aligning teams, making processes smooth, and diving into some tech, then RevOps could be a great match.

Different jobs within RevOps

RevOps isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of job. There are a few different jobs to consider:
Revenue or RevOps Analyst jobs: This role is fundamentally about handling and interpreting data. On a daily basis, Revenue Analysts collect and analyze data from sales, marketing, and customer interactions. A key part of this job is being able to query databases to retrieve the necessary data, so being proficient in SQL or similar database querying languages is essential. They need to utilize data analysis tools and techniques to spot trends and areas requiring attention. The findings are then communicated to management and relevant teams in a clear and actionable manner. If you're adept with numbers, familiar with tools like Excel or Tableau, and can work with databases, this might be your ideal role.
RevOps Strategist jobs: This is a role centered around planning and coordination. A RevOps Strategist liaises with various departments (like sales, marketing, and product) to establish and uphold clear goals and strategies. Regular reviews of progress, addressing alignment discrepancies between teams, and refining strategies based on changing market dynamics are part of the job. Effective communication is pivotal, as is a thorough grasp of the company's overarching objectives and the unique challenges faced by each department.
Revenue Operations or RevOps Technologist jobs: As the technical arm of RevOps, the main task here is to ensure seamless integration and functioning of the tools and software leveraged by sales, marketing, and product teams. Tasks could involve setting up and tailoring CRM systems, addressing software glitches, and occasionally collaborating with IT or external vendors to integrate new solutions. If you're familiar with sales and marketing software and possess some coding or IT background, this role might be right up your alley.
In essence, each of these roles is designed to bolster a company's revenue operations, with each catering to strategic, analytical, or technical needs. When considering a job in RevOps, a clear understanding of the daily responsibilities and essential skills for each role will guide you to the most suitable fit.

RevOps tools you should know about

Depending on which RevOps job you're applying for, there are some tools you should be familiar with:
CRM Systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho CRM: Especially vital for those leaning towards the Technologist role. They help keep track of customers and improve how we interact with them.
Data Tools such as Tableau and Looker: If you're considering the Revenue Analyst position, these tools will help you understand and visualize data to make informed decisions.
Automation Tools like Zapier or Tray.io: Handy for Technologists and Strategists. They help automate repetitive tasks and ensure things run like clockwork.
Billing Engines: Since revops is all about monetary growth, you'll eventually need to learn your way around a billing system. While some companies build their own billing engines, most moden tech companies rely on third party billing and payments systems such as Stripe.

Find remote RevOps jobs

Here’s some more good news! A lot of RevOps teams offer remote opportunities. Remember, though, remote jobs need solid communication and a dash of self-discipline. If you are looking for the latest remote RevOps and other tech jobs checkout the latest vacancies here