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What is RevOps? The driving team behind modern SaaS companies

Published August 17, 2023
In the tech market, every once in a while, a concept emerges that's so transformative it reshapes industries. Enter RevOps or Revenue Operations. You're not alone if you've been trying to understand what it means and why it's becoming a pivotal function in the startup landscape. Let's dive deep and shed light on this intriguing domain.

What is RevOps?

Revenue Operations, or RevOps, is about strategically aligning departments like sales, marketing, customer service, and product operations. RevOps aims to drive seamless revenue growth, especially in software companies.

Isn't RevOps Just Another Buzzword?

RevOps might sound like a mashup of commercial and analytical roles we're already familiar with, like sales, strategy and billing operations. But, distinguishing itself from traditional functions, RevOps ensures the customer journey is analysed cohesively and that revenue data aren't siloed between systems. It integrates many tools and platforms, breaking down existing departmental silos. Furthermore, RevOps teams often collaborate closely with product teams, guaranteeing that the product roadmap resonates with revenue-generating strategies.

Why is RevOps popular now?

With the boom of SaaS (Software as a Service) products and the increasing emphasis on real-time data and analytics, tech companies are in a relentless quest for that competitive edge, especially in bottom-line revenue. RevOps ensures that internal teams align strategically on revenue growth even when they need to pursue very different priorities.

Key skills and roles in RevOps

A RevOps professional is somewhat of a Swiss Army knife, equipped with diverse skills:
Technical Acumen: Understanding and integrating many tools, such as billing engines and CRMs, is vital. Operational Insight: A deep grasp of sales, marketing, customer service, and product processes is crucial. Analytical Prowess: Deciphering data trends to derive actionable strategies is a must. Strategic Foresight: Aligning multi-departmental operations with revenue objectives is essential.
With the rise of RevOps comes a host of specialised roles. From Revenue Analysts who delve into data for actionable insights, RevOps Strategists who craft overarching revenue alignment strategies, and Revenue Operations Technologists who tackle the technical aspects and focus more on integrating systems, the ecosystem is large and varied.
RevOps isn't another fleeting trend. For many post-series-A SaaS companies, it's an investment in the future, acknowledging the complexities between departments, tools, and bottom-line growth. As tech companies grapple with the recent market challenges, having a RevOps function helps them thrive, not just survive.