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Account Manager for UK & Ireland at Proxify

Published November 8, 2023
You can work remotely from:
North America
Latin America

📢 Our summary of the Account Manager remote job vacancy at Proxify

Proxify, a tech company known for assisting various businesses in expanding their tech teams, is recruiting for an Account Manager role. The ideal candidate should have experience in technical project management or tech team building and possess an in-depth sense of business. Proficiency in understanding software development is crucial. The primary responsibilities include growing client partnerships, leading client meetings to understand their needs, and working with the Client Engineering team to match opportunities with the right developer. This role is focused on the UK&I market and requires the individual to onboard clients, maintain robust client relationships, and continuously contribute to the company’s operational efficiency.
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📚 Books

"The Trusted Advisor"
by David H. Maister
Diving deep into the art of building trust and long-lasting client relationships, this book equips professionals with strategies to become invaluable advisors to their clients, a crucial skill for the Account Manager role at Proxify.
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