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Group Outbound Product Manager - Google Cloud at Google

Published August 25, 2023
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🚀 Our Summary of the Group Outbound Product Manager job vacancy at Google

This is a summary provided by WWT. Click ‘Apply’ below to learn more about the role on the company's site. Google is hiring a Group Outbound Product Manager for its Cloud division. Prerequisites for the role include a Bachelor's degree, 12 years of experience in outbound product management or related roles, 5 years of hands-on experience in developing and launching technical products, and a track record of introducing tech products to the market. Valuable qualifications encompass domain knowledge in API management, big data, infrastructure, and more. On the job, your core tasks will revolve around spearheading go-to-market strategies, collaborating with multiple departments like sales, product management, and engineering, and interpreting customer insights to shape product strategies. The role allows for remote work within USA.

Our recommended resources to help you apply

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Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love by Marty Cagan provides crucial insights into the world of product management, offering tried-and-true methods for developing, launching, and managing products that customers adore.

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Product Management with Lean, Agile and System Design Thinking on edX provides an extensive dive into modern product management methodologies. This course will help prospective candidates sharpen their skills in envisioning, designing, and launching products.

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The Black Box of Product Management by First Round Review provides insights into the world of product management, discussing the intricacies and challenges faced by PMs, especially in large tech companies.

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Product to Product by Roadmunk delves deep into real challenges faced by product managers, featuring candid conversations with leading product folks. It offers invaluable insights into the ever-evolving world of product management and the intricacies of bringing products to market.
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