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Senior Full Stack Software Engineer at Knack

Published October 23, 2023
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Our Summary of Remote Developer Role at Knack 🖥️

Knack, a 100% remote company specializing in a code-free platform for custom apps and databases, is recruiting for a remote developer role based in Spain. This is a summary provided by WWT, and you should Click ‘Apply’ below to learn more about the role on the company's site. The candidate must be an expert in TypeScript/JavaScript and have experience with AWS development or a strong interest in learning quickly. Knowledge in CI/CD and testing best practices is also essential. Among the key responsibilities, the candidate will create integration libraries, refactor backend and frontend code to integrate with AWS services, and lead efforts in creating custom tooling and loosely-coupled architecture. Experience with Node.js and GoLang would be beneficial, along with a passion for being a bridge between Cloud and Development and a willingness to learn more about all aspects of the codebase.

Our recommended resources to help you apply

📚 Books

JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford is a classic that dives deep into the eccentricities of JavaScript, offering clarity on the more complex aspects of the language. Given the job's emphasis on TypeScript/JavaScript expertise, this book will provide a solid foundation.

📖 Blog Posts

Deep Dive into AWS is Amazon's official AWS blog, providing insights, updates, and best practices. Candidates can keep up-to-date and gain a deeper understanding of the platform, which is crucial for the role at Knack.

🎓 Courses

Advanced Node.js on Udemy, which tackles advanced topics in Node.js development. It's particularly suitable for those looking to master the backend aspects of the Knack job description.

🎧 Podcasts

AWS Podcast - Hosted by Simon Elisha, this podcast covers various facets of AWS, offering insights, latest updates, and interviews with AWS experts. This will help candidates align better with Knack's emphasis on AWS development.
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